Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transition house?

Transition houses provide safe, temporary accommodations and supports for women and their children who are at risk of violence, or who have experienced violence. Most transition houses are residential homes in confidential locations where women and families live communally.

How long can I stay in a transition house?

The average stay in a transition house is 6-weeks. Our transition houses look at each woman’s situation individually and assist the woman in making a plan that is comfortable for her.

What supports do transition houses provide?

  • Safe shelter and basic necessities
  • Counselling and confidential support for women, adolescents, and children
  • Accompaniment to court and legal appointments
  • Information, referrals, and advocacy
  • Safety planning
  • Outreach services
  • Support with Peace Bonds and Emergency Protection Orders
  • Support with matters involving the Department of Community Services and Mi'kmaw Family and Children Services