Research & Policy


There are many types of violence against women organizations both locally in provinces and territories within Canada and across the globe. These organizations serve their communities in multi-faceted ways, providing support to some of the most vulnerable populations regardless of economic status, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or ability. They work with women who have experienced and endured all types of gender-based abuse; be it physical, emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual or sexual and who often have increasingly complex needs. For the purpose of this study there was a focus on violence against women organizations that offer shelter and outreach services, specifically to women and their children who have experienced violence or abuse, while other types of similar organizations were also considered to better compare and understand models of service delivery.

With the knowledge gained from this research, we aim to build upon our existing strengths, developing a clearer, more united sector where every woman knows that wherever she is in the province, and regardless of her cultural, racial and ethnic background, levels of ability, or sexual and gender orientation, she will have access to professional, consistent services to support her when needed.