Paula Gallant Memorial Modified Art Therapy Project

These are past projects of the Paula Gallant Memorial Modified Art Therapy Project

1. Putting a face on Abuse: Survivors of Violence  and their Allies will create masks that represent themselves, and the abuse they have experienced. These masks will then be worn by either themselves, community members, or others who wish to give a visual representation of women who experience abuse. These masks were also on displayed across the province during the 16 days of Action to End Violence against Women. This project is designed to put a face on abuse against women, and to empower past, present and potential service users, and their allies to create public dialogue about violence and abuse against women.

2. Transformation Through layers: “Every person experiences life as events layering one on top of the other. These events, whatever the outcome or however it is experienced, have an influence on how the next situation or layer in life will unfold”. Through this collage-based art project,  survivors of violence and abuse will be able to explore “where they came from,where they are now, and where they want to be in their own future”.

3. Windows to our World: Women’s Reasons for Refuge.This project empowered women who used the services of THANS to visually describe how they have created safety for themselves and their families. Each Art piece was  displayed in a 3D transition house poster format, at each of our thirteen locations. Each house will have windows with shutters, and the art pieces will be behind the shutters. When the shutters are opened, you will see scenes created by our Service Users that reflect each journey towards safety, and where they are now on that continuum.