Bryony House- Halifax Regional Municipality

Bryony House

Call or text 902-422-7650 if you are in distress and need safety and/or shelter.

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Bryony House serves the Halifax Regional Municipality.

About Us

Bryony House is a 24-bed shelter. Our dedicated counsellors are there to answer the 24-hour distress line, provide individual/group supportive counselling, public education, advocacy and referrals. An important part of our work is to break the cycle of abuse. Women who contact us come from many walks of life, socio-economic classes and cultural backgrounds. What they have in common is that they are in, or are fleeing, an abusive intimate relationship.

The Halifax Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (Bryony House) believes all women and their children have the right to live free of abuse.


  • To provide shelter for women and their children who seek safe and secure refuge from a abusive relationship.
  • To own, operate, and maintain house(s) for temporary accommodation of abused women and their children.
  • To provide abused women with culturally sensitive support services, including counseling, with the aim of regaining power to consider alternatives and pursue options.
  • To provide the children of the abused women with emotional support and counseling.
  • To raise funds to further the objectives of the Halifax Transition House Association
  • To increase society’s awareness of abuse against women and their children.
  • To advocate legislative, social, and economic change with the aim of ending abuse against women and their children.

If you are interested in helping to eliminate violence against women and children, consider making a donation.

Bryony House receives funding from a provincial operating grant through the Department of Community Services. Our current level of government support does not cover the full cost of running a safe shelter and our essential programs. To maintain our current level of service to women and children escaping intimate partner abuse, we rely on the generosity of our community through donations.

No matter the size of the contribution, you can make a difference in changing and empowering women’s lives. It starts with one person. You can be a difference maker in our community and be a part of change. You can inspire others, you can be involved and you can help keep women and children safe. Your commitment to be part of the solution is commendable and appreciated.

Any amount is appreciated. You should know that a contribution of:

  • $100: Provides a mother and her four children safety and nutritious meals for one day.
    $75: Supports a mother with a newborn baby for one day at the shelter.
    $50: Allows us to provide therapeutic play and supportive counseling to three children who have experienced violence.
    $25: Allows us to continue to provide support on our 24 hour distress line for those in crisis.

All financial donations are tax deductible and an official receipt will be issued for amounts over $20.00.

Our National Revenue Registration Number is: 11895 1094 RR 0001

We accept donations through our CanadaHelps donation page.