Deepest Condolences to the Families impacted by the Horrific Mass Murder of 18-19 April 2020, Nova Scotia

We are saddened but in no way shocked to hear mainstream media now confirming that violence against women lay at the heart of this heinous crime. Nor did we consider it “senseless” in view of the unconfirmed reporting happening almost immediately in the aftermath of the attack, pointing to domestic violence as a main motive. For those of us who have experienced how male violence destroys lives, it was an extreme and actualized version of the male rage and aggression targeting those who are supposed to be the closest to them.


We must not dilute this problem by speaking of a single act of rage but rather recognize that male violence is part of a bigger social problem of entitlement and toxic masculinity. We need to recognize the underlying attitudes and beliefs that tolerate and normalize smaller acts of violence against women and perpetuate an environment that leads to deadly outcomes.


We must not dismiss the root causes of this horrific problem if we wish to prevent future tragedies like this. The male violence inflicted upon women and their children every day is a pandemic in its own right. The violence is not exclusive to the woman: it can include threats against children, the woman’s extended family, friends, neighbours, pets and often last for years, even after the relationship has ended. Violence against women takes place in quiet rural communities as well as large cities. It does not respect age, wealth or occupation.


Together with Women’s Shelter Canada and other women’s voices from across the country:

We call upon authorities to acknowledge the domestic and gendered violence of this crime.

Many women and children are not safe in their own homes, despite the current public health need to stay home.

We urge any woman who feels unsafe to reach out to one of our member organizations for support and to talk about her safety.

Let’s work together on this. 

Know our members organizations are here to offer support. 


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