Support and Services to Transgender Women

  Supports and Services for Transgender Women Experiencing Violence A Position Paper by Veronica Merryfield Canada has a global reputation in implementing legislation to protect the rights of minorities, such as people with gender identities and expressions who do not follow stereotypical views of how men and women should look like and behave. However, transgender … Read more

Call for Expressions of Interest

Are you a vibrant, creative, smart media production company with a passion for social projects? Do you care about social causes which serve some of the most vulnerable people in our communities? Then we have a project for you! We are looking for a company which can deliver a suite of professional media products and … Read more

Engaging Men and Boys in Challenging Violence-Against-Women

Engaging Men and Boys in Challenging Violence-Against-Women   Joint Position Paper                                     November 2020   Every so often, women serving organizations  are confronted by this question: “But what about men and boys?”   There is a real concern that men and boys are inundated with negative messages about what it means to be a man, concurrent … Read more