HIFIS: Homeless Individuals and Families Information System

Homeless person doubled over on park bench

Built on a partnership model between the Government of Canada and communities across the country, the HIFIS software is a component of the federal government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy. HIFIS provides the data needed by local communities to increase their knowledge and understanding of local homelessness issues and to inform decision-making to prevent and reduce homelessness. It also feeds data to the National Homelessness Information System which is used to create a portrait of homelessness in Canada.

HIFIS is a comprehensive Data Management System designed to help service providers with their day-to-day operations and support data sharing to increase understanding of homelessness while ensuring information security and privacy.

There are HIFIS Community Coordinators in communities across Canada who develop and sustain working relationships with those who are using or are interested in using HIFIS.  In addition, HIFIS Community Coordinators promote, co-ordinate, provide training, and oversee the implementation and ongoing administration of HIFIS in shelters and other providers of services.