THANS works to eliminate violence against women in Nova Scotia.

The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS) is an umbrella association of Violence-Against-Women organizations across the province.

We offer a range of services and supports to women and their families experiencing violence:

  • Access to free 24/7 communal shelter and basic necessities
  • Crisis lines
  • Advocacy and court accompaniment
  • Counseling and outreach services

THANS does not provide frontline service to individual clients. People needing support should either call or text the provincial toll-free line 1-855-225-0220, available 24/7 or their local shelter organization. If you are in an emergency situation, call 911.

Creating Communities of Care

Creating Communities of Care

Supporting the awareness and work raised around Afican-Nova Scotian and Indigenous women experiencing violence and abuse in Halifax.

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HIFIS: a National Picture

HIFIS aims to prevent and reduce homelessness by increasing knowledge and understanding of homelessness issues across Canada.

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For Neighbours, Friends, Families & Co-Workers

How to help as a trusted individual to someone experiencing violence.

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Women's Shelter Canada

THANS is part of the Women's Shelter Canada network. This is a fantastic National resource.

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Somebody Must Say These Things is an 8-part series that fully investigates Violence Against Women in Nova Scotia.

By speaking with survivors and the women who make it their mission to end the issue for good, this podcast casts a stark, unapologetic light on our society’s continued insufficient acknowledgement of Violence Against Women.

Map of Resources

THANS and our member organization receive core operational funding from the Province of Nova Scotia. Check out this resource map from our government partners, the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.


Updates & News

THANS works with communities and all levels of government. We raise public awareness and funding for projects and initiatives in line with our mandate of working to eliminate violence against women.

Nova Scotian Podcast About Domestic Violence Wins International Award

By Ann de Ste Croix | August 5, 2022

August 5th 2022: Halifax, NS – The Nova Scotian podcast series by the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS), Somebody Must Say these Things, has gained international recognition from the Purple Ribbon Award. The awards are organized by Theresa’s Fund and to honor the countless heroes of the domestic violence movement, including advocates, … Read more

OPINION: Victim Blaming Normalizes Violence Against Women

By Ann de Ste Croix | July 15, 2022

  People needing support should either call or text the provincial toll-free line 1-855-225-0220, available 24/7 or their local shelter organization. If you are in an emergency situation, call 911.

THANS AGM 2021-2022

By Ann de Ste Croix | June 20, 2022

THANS AGM 27 June 2022, 6 pm Please email for details on joining.

Harbour House, Bridgewater- Seeking Executive Director

By Ann de Ste Croix | May 11, 2022

Harbour House is hiring a seasoned Executive Director to oversee, lead, and manage the operations of the shelter and its programs on-site in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The ED is accountable to the Board of Directors of the Association, ensuring that all activities and programs are carried in a way that increases independence, promotes self-sufficiency and … Read more

Written Brief for the Study on Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence in Canada

By Ann de Ste Croix | April 1, 2022

April 1, 2022: The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS) and community partners submitted a brief on Intimate Partner Violence to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on the Status of Women, on behalf of the Metro Interagency Committee on Family Violence. This Brief focuses on 4 key areas for preventing IPV in Canada … Read more

THANS Statement in Response to Halifax Examiner

By Ann de Ste Croix | March 23, 2022

March 23, 2022: As an umbrella association of violence-against-women organizations in the province, the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS) feels compelled to respond to the Halifax Examiner’s article titled “Cheating and beating: the tragic lead-up to the Portapique massacre” dated March 22, 2022. We believe that there is no such thing as an … Read more

The Reality of Violence Against Women

There is no place for violence in any relationship at any time. Not at home, at work, at school or in public. It is never justified.

Abusers often blame other people or things for their violence, such their children, frustration, work pressures, or their own upbringing. Many abusers say their victim provokes them to be violent.

No one can cause another person to be violent.

Women who live with abuse may:

  • Feel shameful and may want to keep the abuse secret.
  • Feel like they are crazy and that there is something wrong within themselves.
  • Feel powerless to change or improve their situation.
  • Fear of reprisal from the abuser.
  • Doubt their own judgement or wonder if they are to blame.
  • Feel increasingly depressed, trapped, and powerless.

Barriers to leaving abuse:

  • Lack of affordable housing.
  • No one will believe her about the abuse.
  • Fear of losing their children.
  • False belief that they will loose everything.
  • Knowledge that the law gives them little protection.
  • False belief that they are responsible for the abuse.
  • He says he’s sorry and won’t do it again.
  • False belief that he’s a good father despite the children hearing or witnessing his abuse.
  • still love their partner.
  • Partner’s threats of suicide if she leaves.
  • Isolation from family and friends.

We all have a right to:

  • Not to be abused.
  • To freedom from fear of abuse.
  • To request and expect assistance from the police and social agencies.
  • To leave an abusive environment.
  • To privacy.
  • To legally prosecute my abusing spouse.
  • Not to be perfect.
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Your donations will benefit families in crisis, in particular women and children who are in unsafe situations. Provide meals and basic necessities, holiday and group programming, proper equipment, and furniture. Donations are used to support us with all these and much more!