The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia and its member organizations are, as always, grateful for the donations of private individuals and community members. Many of our clients feel the financial burden of what is supposed to be a joyous family time even more acutely, and we know we can rely on the generous support of our communities to alleviate that burden.
In particular we encourage gifts cards to local businesses, supporting our Nova Scotian economies. Gifts cards to local restaurants and beauty salons are very much appreciated.
Do you have a family recipe you would like to share? Donate it! We are always looking for ideas for nutritious, cost-effective meals. Write up or print your favourite recipe, attach a gift card to a grocery store which would cover the cost of preparing a meal based on the recipe, and send it in! We will ensure a family gets to make and enjoy that meal.
Holidays can be hard for vulnerable families. But with your support, we can infuse joy and bring well wishes, even during the hardest times.

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