As a part of The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia’s (THANS) work to end violence against women, our member organizations have supported diversity, encouraged affirmative action, worked toward social inclusion. While each member organization within THANS is autonomous, as an association we advocate for legislative, social and economic change for abused women and their children. Our advocacy work carries with it a responsibility to eliminate racism and discrimination, not only within our own organizations, but also in the broader communities in which we work and live.

As an association, we carry out diversity scans, participate in diversity training, and encourage the participation of under-represented groups within our member organizations’ boards, volunteers and staff structures. As an association that works within the broader struggle for equity and social justice, THANS recognizes that representation from minority and disadvantaged groups facilitates our work, and is essential to understanding and voicing concerns that are central to the association’s mandate. Our success in meeting the needs of a diverse group of service users requires our communities’ fullest possible range of skills, experience and perspectives.

THANS can only connect with the needs of our communities if we reflect our increasingly diverse population.The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia recommits to our work to end violence against women, support diversity and affirmative action, and work toward a world that is truly socially inclusive.