"Look closely at the present you are constructing - it should look like the future you are dreaming."
~ Alice Walker

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THANS RESPONSE to RCMP Voicemail Incident Posted Apr 02, 2014 By Pamela Harrison

April 2, 2014 Halifax, NS The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia has been following the story of the ”accidental voice mail” that a woman,

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Shelter Voices Posted Mar 05, 2014 By Pamela Harrison

Shelter Voices: New survey shows reality of a day in the life of Canada’s shelters for women survivors of abuse March 5, 2014 SHELTER VOICES

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Centre for Research & Education on VAW Launches New Website Posted Feb 28, 2014 By Pamela Harrison

The new Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention website was launched this month. The Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative (CDHPI) is an information depository that features annual

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Posted Feb 26, 2014 By Pamela Harrison

THANS Responds to Minister Glavine: Like many Nova Scotians with concerns for social Justice , members of the THANS Board of Directors were very concerned

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Bryony House ED talks about Domestic Violence in Halifax Posted Feb 11, 2014 By Pamela Harrison

Domestic Violence in Halifax: watch video online at global.ca

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